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Hat Styles Featured at Mister Hats

April 19, 2017 Daniel Lansky

Mister Hats is very proud of the large variety of Hats that we carry. Hopefully if you walk into one of our stores, you will feel like a kid in a candy shop. In the last blog post, I talked pretty extensively about the different varieties of the fedora. This post is discussing some of the other lesser known styles that are still cool hats for men. All of these styles are available in both summer and winter weights. Homburg The first style of hat up for discussion is the Homburg. The Homburg is a formal hat that has a...

The Classic Fedora Hat

February 04, 2017 Daniel Lansky

It's been awhile since I've been on here. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. I wanted to continue our series discussing the different hat styles. The most well known hat is the fedora. Fedora is a very broad category. Most of the hats that we carry fall into this category. In fact 72.8% to be specific. Most are also fedora hats for men, but women can wear all of these styles too. Fedoras come in two different crown shapes, center crease or dent and tear drop. They usually (but not always) have a...

Merry Christmas from Mister Hats

December 13, 2016 Daniel Lansky

Merry Christmas, We are always talking about the benefits of wearing a hat. But for those that are already hat lovers, why not get them a gift you know they'll love. We have put together a quick list of some of our unique Christmas gift recommendations. They can be found here.

Winter vs. Summer Hats

December 06, 2016 Daniel Lansky

We've already discussed the difference between hats and caps, so we wanted to discuss the other key difference in our product line, season. The seasonality of hats is very important. As the weather changes, it is very important to stay comfortable. That's why there are winter and summer hats. The differences between these seems obvious, but there are some key things to note about each. Winter Hats are made to hold heat. They are supposed to keep your head warm. They are primarily made of heavier materials. They are usually made of either fur or wool. The fur felts are...

Hats vs. Caps

November 08, 2016 Daniel Lansky

At Mister Hats, we have two main product lines, Hats and Caps. We feel that to continue to grow the popularity of headwear, we want to educate our customers on the differences between these two product lines. The most popular headwear is the hat. A hat is defined to have both a crown and a brim. The crown and brim can come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. The minor and sometimes major differences in the crowns and brims are what defines the different hat styles available. We will get into many of the differences in a later...